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A DataDrill-powered measurement process is the most efficient way to deliver essential information … to keep managers from flying blind. Technology-intense software project management and systems engineering managers require the cohesive fusion of data mart, analysis, business intelligence and statistics provided by DataDrill.  


Increase Insight into Product Delivery

By shining a bright light into all aspects of product development, managers gain valuable and complete insight into resources, processes, documents and deliverables. With DataDrill, managers understand where their resources are going, and how the schedule is being used. They are able to use increased insight to detect and correct issues, before they become problems.


Add Planning and Control to Your Engineering and Management Processes

There are literally thousands of tools available for software project management and systems engineering. And almost none of them have the ability to let managers track progress. Need to know how many tasks started and finished on-time last week, or how many requirements should have been validated last month? Without DataDrill, you are out of luck. DataDrill lets managers specify a plan line for their risk, schedule, defect, requirement, software size, CM, testing and other tools. Then, the collection, analysis and alerting capabilities in DataDrill deliver up-to-date status and progress to managers.


Unlock Corporate Data

With the wide-spread availability engineering and management tools, managers are quickly faced with needing to invest in integrating into each one, and then maintaining this integration as their measurement needs change. With DataDrill’s Intelligent Integration, valuable engineering and management data is unlocked and made available to managers without needing scarce IT resources. Using the central repository in DataDrill for critical data, managers focus on managing and not on unlocking their data silos.


Rapidly Deploy Best Practices

Two primary deployment challenges: knowing which best practice measures to use and how to change them as business needs evolve. Tackling these issues head-on, DataDrill provides a library of best practices which can be packaged into templates and then quickly applied to one or a hundred projects. When business processes change, you can use the DataDrill synchronization capabilities to push changes to projects that need it. Rapidly define, deploy and update with DataDrill.


Identify Business and Process Improvement Needs

Many organizations start a process improvement effort without being able to describe their current performance, making it hard to show the benefit from completing it and justifying the expense of actually doing it. For understanding business and process improvement needs, DataDrill provides a wealth of tools to filter, combine, summarize and analyze the information essential for identifying opportunities and for determining when improvement goals are met.


Get Results and Share Them Quickly

Once DataDrill builds the indicators that the business needs, managers use their web browser (with no plug-ins) to see and review program progress. By automating the comparison of actual versus plan, as well as any needed business rule, managers can get the results they need and focus on using information for understanding. With export to PowerPoint, Word and Excel, as well as a tailor-able library of Crystal Reports, results can be shared across the organization for maximum benefit.


Scale - Small to Large to Enterprise

The problem with spreadsheets is that they work great when you have just a few projects, but get unmanageable when your portfolio starts growing or when your processes become more mature. Contrast that with DataDrill which can easily handle hundreds of projects and is in use at the most quantitative and mature companies in the world.  You can start with DataDrill to jump start your management team and then increase the depth and scope of your indicators and corporate performance management, using best practices built into DataDrill.