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Managers of projects, programs, quality assurance, testing, process improvement and other key business functions rely on DataDrill to make fact-based decisions. Strategic planners and estimators rely on DataDrill to quickly find the data they needed for proposals, process improvement, and operational or strategic planning.


Who Uses DataDrill


Project and Program Managers

Beyond cost and schedule, DataDrill provides an integrated picture of project and program status casting a search light on technical performance. DataDrill offers general  managers, IT project management and software project management a wide variety of analysis and review techniques to apply leading management practices and quickly find areas needing investigation. With DataDrill’s aggregated summary of multiple projects and programs, managers start with a 10,000 foot view and quickly drill into areas of interest in any development phase or activity. Communicate progress and status effectively using DataDrill’s reporting for PowerPoint, Word and Acrobat.


Software and Systems Engineering Managers

DataDrill tackles the problem of information overload head-on, allowing managers to make sense of their data and keep programs on track. For the past two decades, software project management and systems engineering has been plagued by poor requirements management, huge schedule slips and massive cost overruns with many leading to cancellation. DataDrill lets managers control their projects through management by exception and improved insight, to avoid becoming a project death march. Using DataDrill’s specialized planning wizards, managers quickly create targets for their process, and then let DataDrill monitor progress, and send vital alerts. Unlike a spreadsheet that focuses on presenting a few aspects of project performance, DataDrill speeds access to a complete picture of drillable status.


Measurement, Metric and Process Improvement Analysts

The primary reason metric process fail is lack of relevance: managers get no value. In contrast, DataDrill provides overwhelming business value for the metric process. From getting started with a library of best practice indicators to advanced analysis to organizational measurement, DataDrill makes the benefits of a metrics process easily obtainable by addressing the complexities and challenges of the measurement process. To speed deploying a measurement process, DataDrill provides specialized wizards for setting up data collection, creating new projects, deploying process changes and all aspects of a CMMI-compliant measurement process. Avoid wasting time writing documents that don’t reflect actual business process by letting DataDrill generate integration and measurement process documents. Easily grow into more advanced techniques using DataDrill’s numerical analysis, such as statistical process control, control charts and range charts, instead of buying and supporting additional tools.


Quality and Testing Managers

Measurement data is designed to be a corporate asset, helping all areas of the company manage and control their product development and service delivery. Quality, test, integration and other activities no longer perform planning and tracking in isolation, instead relying on DataDrill to understand the products under development, potential schedule issues and areas of volatility. DataDrill illuminates the process landscape so quality and test managers can prepare their resources sooner, focus on the right areas and monitor their own progress to completion.


Estimation and Planning Analysts

When estimating product development or strategic plans, it is essential that your estimates closely model current process performance. With a complete history of your projects, DataDrill makes characterizing performance a simple exercise. During development activities, DataDrill monitors your estimation accuracy as well as the parameters on which your estimates are based. As your organization changes and improves, DataDrill provides updated information to estimators to ensure that estimation and planning analysts get up-to-date data, and generate more accurate estimates. For quick starting a new project, DataDrill lets you use your estimation data as the initial project targets.