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Building complex systems and systems-of-systems requires skillful control of engineering and management resources.  To make sure your systems engineering efforts are planned, monitored and controlled, you can rely on DataDrill to provide visibility into sub-systems and components, and then provide an aggregated view of the entire system. One version of the truth, centrally accessible to the entire team.


Because complex systems often rely on estimation, analysis and allocation of top level measures of performance, DataDrill provides a flexible framework for defining measures of performance, keeping them up-front and visible at all stages of engineering.  For tracking technical performance measures, or TPMs, DataDrill provides specialized visualizations unique to systems engineering, that allows the environment, heritage, progress and assumptions of a measure to be tracked at all times.With easy software project performance indicators, you can truly stay on top of the demands of your system.


For large single-facility programs, as well as distributed multi-site teams, DataDrill addresses the unique challenges of communicating system demands. Robust interchange and extensibility allows measurement to be included in your management and systems engineering infrastructure.