Distributive Management’s services are offered to help customer organizations streamline their DataDrill deployment, identify and implement information needs, and guide integration between DataDrill and organizational data sources.

Implementation Services

Assist with specific deployment or use needs.

Covered: Installing on-site; establishing custom measures; creating data collection interfaces; assistance needed to establish measurement program; adding an enhancement to EXPRESS

Conditions:  Travel to customer site, lodging, and per diem arranged before visit.

Deployment Roll Out

Ensures a smooth startup and the beginning of a successful measurement process deployment.

Covered:  Installation and setup; Initial product familiarization and architecture; phone support; planning for implementation services; guidance and recommendations; project planning review

Not Covered:  End user training; development or customization of extractors; no on-site support is provided unless special arrangements and travel are arranged before the visit.

Technical Support

Provides answers to normal usage questions in a state of the art defect and enhancement tracking system.

Covered:  Footprints account; installation, setup, configuration, operation or deployment questions; phone and email are primary support methods; support to the current major release and the last minor release in the previous  release

Not Covered: End user product training; collection development; enhancement development; support or workarounds resulting from a non-standard deployment

 Software Maintenance

Allows access to the latest versions of DataDrill software components and documentation.

Covered:  Access to media downloads; upgrades and updates; phone installation and upgrade support

Conditions:  Services are not available if maintenance has expired