DataDrill Services

Distributive Management provides a range of services for DataDrill to assist our customers in achieving an efficient application of the DataDrill software as part of their performance measurement goals.


Our approach and expertise extends over all aspects of performance measurement, including deploying performance and project measurement programs, establishing process improvement initiatives, rolling out dashboard management tools, setting up compliance monitoring and building strategic scorecard goals. We employ methods based on the latest standards and best-practices, as well as, our practical experience gained from working with leading companies around the world and from many industry sectors.


Our services are tailored to the needs of the individual customer and are organized into three categories: migration support services, enhancement services and consulting services.


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Experience and Credentials

We know what we're talking about! At Distributive Management, we believe in having complete knowledge and strong experience in our area of expertise. That foundation is continually expanded and supported by our active participation in the measurement, management and process improvement communities, and our involvement in the organizations that are at the forefront of measurement strategies, techniques and technology.

  • We are members of PSM, ISO, INCOSE and SEI
  • Our employees are frequent contributors to performance measurement guidance through articles, webinars, newsletters and speaking engagements
  • We are certified PSM Transition Organization
  • We regularly present, as performance management and process improvement experts, at partner and industry events
  • Organizations utilize our experience as they implement effective measurement programs using our technology
  • The white papers and other resources available on our website are popular educational assets access globally by management and measurement professionals
  • We participated in the development of ISO 15939
  • We deliver tutorials, through INCOSE, on Measurement within the CMMI