Spirula is a leading provider of integrated solutions for process improvement in software and systems development, specializing in helping large organizations accelerate their CMMI or SPICE approach. Spirula Modeler enables companies to manage processes, make them compliant, and facilitate certification. Spirula DashBoard enables project management and process improvement, based on sophisticated indicators elaborated with DataDrill from Distributive Management.


Cask Technologies

Cask offers clients a range of business and technology management services that enable organizations to achieve operational excellence.  Cask's experienced professionals work with customers to develop strategy, implement integrated solutions, and drive success.  Cask provides end-to-end services and expertise across four primary practice areas:  Enterprise Strategies and Solutions, System Acquisition and Development Management, Value Network Management and Technology and Engineering Services.


Technology Partners


SmartBear Software

SmartBear provides smart tools for development teams that care about software quality and performance.  SmartBear is wholly focused on providing software developers, quality assurance engineers and IT Professionals with powerful, affordable, and easy to use tools that help them become more productive and develop better software.  Our code review, automated testing, performance profiling and development management tools have already helped more than 75,000 professionals build some of the best software applications and websites in the world.

KaDonk, Inc.

KaDonk's LiveProject is a leading Microsoft Project viewing, sharing and collaboration solution. LiveProject enables anyone to view, print and export MS Project files, and provides immediate ROI for any enterprise. LiveProject allows users to share projects and documents through a central repository, including document versioning.



Q-Labs is a leading international professional services company specializing in Software Engineering related services. They bring expertise to Distributive Management’s clients in areas such as change management, process definition and improvement, maturity models such as CMM and CMMI and project management.


R2 Estimating

r2Estimating provides “Next Generation Software Project Estimating” tools, consulting and training services to organizations making or buying custom software, helping them increase the percentage of projects that are delivered on time and within budget. r2ESTIMATOR is a software project management decision support tool that incorporates proven mathematics, recent industry data, and modern software technology to provide probabilistic estimates of your project's key management metrics.


Telelogic (IBM Rational Software)

Telelogic is a leading global provider of solutions for advanced software and systems development. Telelogic’s open architecture-based products, integrated with DataDrill, enable customers to automate the collecting, creating and disseminating of metrics within the software development lifecycle. Not having to rely on manual processes allows them to better manage the software development lifecycle so they can significantly enhance the time-to-market and quality of their products.