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Once you’ve made the decision to improve requirements engineering, make sure you can also manage your requirements process. The cost of not controlling requirements is high: schedule slips, poor quality, increased cost, in short, a death march. Studies show that most organizations have the ability to define and modify requirements, but lack the ability to monitor and control them. The solution from Distributive is designed to put your “management” back into “requirements management”.With easy tools, your software project management and IT project management will be easy to measure.

Putting Management Into Your Requirements Management

As your organization considers deploying or improving requirements engineering or requirements management, DataDrill improves the effectiveness of your decision by:

  • Increase the return on investment of deploying a requirement engineering process, including automating with requirements engineering tools
  • Provide managers with indicators they need to plan and monitor the requirements process combined with a central repository to track indicators for other software lifecycle process such as configuration management, scheduling, cost, risk and others
  • Address the most common requirements problems, with built-in techniques to monitor and control requirements creep (adding requirements during project development) and requirement churn (modifying requirements without progress)
  • Built-in integration to leading requirements management tools such as IBM/Telelogic DOORS, IBM/Rational Requisite Pro, Borland Caliber and others


Through the DataDrill solution, Distributive brings years of experience in managing software development, systems engineering and high maturity organizations to your organization. A rich set of features enables you to quickly start planning, managing and controlling requirements, as well as other software life cycle activities and processes. State-of-the-art DataDrill features to speed the development and delivery of requirements your requirements include:
  • Advanced planning tools to quickly establish a requirements plan for each requirements document or module
  • Monitor each requirements document using built-in integration to leading requirements management tools such as from IBM
  • Out-of-the-box indicators for requirements volatility, growth, change status and allocation, and additional indicators for other software life-cycle activities such as testing, schedule, risk, cost, software size, and others
  • Low infrastructure impact through a web-based interface that allows manager’s to access the data they need using a web browser – no need to install software on a manager’s deskto


With DataDrill’s built-in integration to requirements engineering tools like Telelogic DOORS and a library of requirements information needs, you stay in control of your projects’ requirements, deliver projects on time and with the required functionality.


You know how to define requirements, now it’s time to start managing them.