DataDrill is designed to help project managers get every project up and running quickly. Drawing from its library of best practices, DataDrill provides a collection of indicators and dashboards covering the most popular software project metrics. Create tailored project templates with just the relevant indicators and management techniques. With DataDrill Express, the time between needing a best practice and applying it is short. By simply selecting from a library of best practices, gathered from leading software organizations, managers can deploy proven measurements/metrics in their project. Extensive automation in DataDrill Express allows managers to decide for themselves which techniques to use, without needing process improvement experts or consultants. The pre-built Library contains information needs and management practices that have been extracted from a variety of standards, policy and guidebooks, from leading organizations such as ISO, IEEE, SEI and others.


The Library of KPIs and indicators in EXPRESS allows you to select, tailor and use indicators quickly. Over time, as you modify them to match changing business practices, DataDrill lets you apply indicator changes to your projects selectively, all or just some of your projects can be updated.