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For the past ten years, the most advanced and successful technology companies in the world have used DataDrill to plan, monitor and control their software, IT and systems development projects.  As consumer demand has advanced, requiring increased functionality and easier to use products, DataDrill has become the platform of choice for delivering the information that managers need to control this rapid evolution of new products and systems.  By making DataDrill a part of their management toolset, managers eliminate guesswork and rely on actionable, quantitative information to guide their projects to success.

If your organization has struggled with using metrics or cannot consistently provide the information that managers need, then see how DataDrill can vault your organization into the next level.  By empowering managers with DataDrill’s estimation and plan wizards, management by exception, advanced business analysis techniques and flexible reporting, managers can spend their time understanding performance and managing their projects and not in low-value activities such as manipulating spreadsheets and creating slides. DataDrill has a pre-built library of best practices, allowing you to start using leading techniques quickly, spread them across your organization and then easily create your own best practices as the business landscape changes. DataDrill is your #1 choice for all your software project management  and IT project management needs.

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Product Components

DataDrill is the most advanced and complete measurement and metrics solution on the market today, a set of tools that addresses all aspects of deploying, using and maintaining an effective measurement process.




DataDrill Portal

The DataDrill Portal allows managers to review and investigate status and progress data from a standard web browser. The Portal uses a typical Microsoft technology stack.


DataDrill Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint

To increase the visibility of your metrics, you can broadcast graphs and grids, as well as construct additional dashboards using Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint. Combine quantitative data from DataDrill with SharePoint lists, Office files and other SharePoint web parts.


DataDrill Collector

The Collector is a Windows desktop application that simplifies integration with your sources of data, and automates integration. With built-in “Intelligent Integration” and data capture wizard, you can quickly set up data collection without having to write any integration scripts, macros or batch files.


DataDrill Exchanger

When you need to share measurement best practices across the organization, you easily share them using the Exchanger to move best practices from one DataDrill Portal to another.


DataDrill Command Line Utility

To simplify repetitive administrative and management tasks, the Command Line Utility lets you automate the setup, configuration and maintenance of your projects.


DataDrill Web Services

DataDrill Web Services provide an application programming interface into DataDrill using industry standard SOAP protocol. Use the DataDrill Web Services interface in any programming language that can consume web services to extend DataDrill’s graphing, analysis and reporting.


DataDrill Data Mart

DataDrill builds and maintains a central history of your organization in a measurement data mart. You can use any third-party reporting or analysis tool to perform additional types of business, statistical and mathematical analysis to meet the demands of managers.