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Like the popular engineering proverb says, “If you don’t know where you are, a map won’t help.” The same is true for strategic goals and process improvement – if you don’t understand the current organizational performance, then you won’t be able to monitor changes, or determine when your goal is reached. To address the challenges of organizational measurement, DataDrill allows you to track key organizational measures and their trend across your entire portfolio. Start by understanding your current organizational performance, set new goals and then monitor progress until you reach your target, all using DataDrill.

With a central view of organizational performance, DataDrill enables managers to see performance of requirements and sloc productivity, defect growth, schedule accuracy or timeliness, cost performance, estimation accuracy or other area of performance. Organizational measures in DataDrill allow you to tune planning and estimation processes, to better understand how to allocate resources. Become more predictable in time to market, user satisfaction and development effort. DataDrill tracks the assumptions used in your estimates as well as the estimated performance from your estimation model, so you can continuously increase accuracy.


Organizations also need to assess the overall status of hierarchies of programs and subprograms, or projects with subprojects. DataDrill makes creating an organizational view of multiple projects a snap. By reviewing both aggregated status and numeric information, managers are able to drill from high level overall program performance to details in a matter of clicks, right form their web browser. In addition there are features offered like a management dashboard, project dashboard as well as a performance dashboard, so measuring your outcomes is easier than ever.