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Why the Bickering About Earned Value in DoD?

In the last year, several major contracts have had their Earned Value systems de-certified by DoD auditors.  These are majore, multi-year, multi-billion dollar weapon systems that the goveernment now feels they do not have accurate insight into the conversion of massive amounts of taxpayer money into real, ar-fighter product.  At the same time, Paul Solomon has been writing extensively - Reference:  EVM Acquisition Reform, on the fact that the DoD's policy on Earned Value does not require that arned value progress be directly linked to specific technical completion gates.  Paul is internationally recognized as a leader, teacher, and consultant on Earned Value Management (EVM).  He published many articles on EVM, systems engineering, software metrics, and risk management.  The de-certification of EVM procedures, coupled with Paul's recommended process improvements has created a lot of conversation among program and project managers.

In this webinar, we'll dive head long into this controversy using a before-after approach.  First, the webinar will show the outputs of a typical Earned Value system.  Then, we'll look at several more scenarios which highlight the current debate, and also show proposed solutions.  Attendees will see first-hand how to spot an EVM system that is not tied to technical performance.  We'll show you a train wreck program whose earned value was perfect right until it crashed!  Through the process, we'll help you understand what questions to ask and analysis to perform.

To meet the scheduling needs of our audience, we will be hosting this event at two separate times, on the same day.

Date:  December 14, 2010
Duration:  1 Hour
Location:  Your Desktop

Cost:  Free

Presentation # 1

Time:  10:00 am ET (GMT-5)


Presentation # 2
Time:  3:00 pm ET (GMT5)