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DataDrill License Request


To request a DataDrill license, please complete and submit the form below. A separate form must be submitted for each server to be licensed with DataDrill. Refer any questions to DataDrill Support at


* indicates a required field

Point of Contact:* :
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My Server Host Name is:* :
The DataDrill product I wish to license is:*:
DataDrill Integrated
DataDrill Integrated ReportCenter
DataDrill Integrated DataCenter
DataDrill Integrated Workstation
Optional Modules:*
Strategy Center
Dashboard Center
Web Services


* To determine the Server Host Name: On the server where DataDrill is installed, open a DOS window. Then type the command: “hostname” and press the Enter key. The Server Host Name will be returned.
* Check the appropriate box to indicate if the license should activate any of the DataDrill add-ons.