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DataDrill Integrated Web-based Training Request Form


Please fully complete and submit the form below to request registration for DataDrill Integrated Web-based Training (WBT) courses. Upon confirmation and approval of your training request, Distributive Management will send an email to the training participant and the site point-of-contact providing access and login details for completing the courses for which the participant has been registered.

Credit-based training accounts are activated for 30 days. User-based accounts are activated for one year. It is important that courses are completed within the time that the account is active. Once the account expires, access to the courses is no longer possible. It is recommended, therefore, that Credit-based training participants register for courses as they are able to dedicate time to take them. User-based training participants will, by default, be given access to all available DataDrill Integrated WBT courses. For a complete course list and details on course length, objectives and pre-requisites contact Distributive Training at


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Overview of DataDrill
Overview of ReportCenter
Using the My Measures Module
Formatting DataDrill Graphs
Using DataDrill Equations
Using DataDrill Projects
DataDrill DashboardCenter
DataDrill StrategyCenter

DataDrill Administrative Functions




Providing a valid site code with your registration request allows Distributive Management to confirm your eligibility for an active DataDrill Integrated WBT account. Distributive Management may verify your registration request with your site point-of-contact.


DataDrill Integrated WBT courses are purchased for and registered to an individual who is assigned a user name and password for the purpose of completing DataDrill Integrated WBT. Only the registered individual may use the assigned user name and password to complete a course. Distributing or sharing user names and passwords is illegal and prohibited.