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DataDrill incorporates hundreds of leading management and measurement capabilities, and is unsurpassed in addressing the needs of software and systems engineering managers.When it comes to software project software management as well as IT project management, DataDrill is the choice for you.


Feature   Benefit



Library of Best Practice Indicators


Built-in library of best practice indicators gathered from leading organizations, standards and companies. This library covers the typical phases of the systems and software life-cycle.

Process Templates


Create templates for different types of development models, such as new product development or software maintenance, and use them to quickly create projects.

Organizational Measures


Identify organizational measures to track across departments, programs and projects, then monitor performance on a periodic basis to set capability or monitor improvement.



Accommodate changes to management and measurement processes by quickly synchronizing changes in your library with selected projects.



Apply security to projects and project data using role-based and group-based policies.



Built-in support for all activities and tasks in the Measurement and Analysis process area. Implement or expand a compliant measurement process quickly.

Generate Documentation


Pre-built reports generate the documentation of your measurement process – as your process changes, documentation stays up to date automatically.



Import estimation data


Jump-start the initial project plans and targets by importing estimation data from internal and commercial estimation tools.

Track estimation factors and outputs


Track the assumptions you use in your estimation models to verify that they are accurately estimating your processes. Then tune them each time you complete a project.

Planning model wizard


Quickly create plan lines using a built-in planning model wizard which supports manual data, import, numerous mathematical models and historical project averaging.

Plan versus Actual


Track progress of your actual versus plan data in a simple heads up grid.



Fast Drill Path


Start with high-level project summary status indicators, drill into management areas, then into dashboards and detailed information quickly.

Alerts Via Email


Users can register to receive an email alert when certain events are detected. Open your mail client and click on the link to be the first to know.

Color-Coded Status


Based on business rules and common analysis techniques, color-coded status directs attention to areas that need management attention.

Filter and Find


Use a combination of properties and project characteristics to filter through your project portfolio, to find projects of interest and review them.

Track Compliance


Easily add elements of compliance on top of project indicators to track progress against CMMI, ISO, Sarbanes-Oxley, ITIL and other standards.



Generate Periodic Reports


Let DataDrill generate your PowerPoint, Excel or Word reports for weekly, monthly or any management need. With customizable per-project templates, the graphs and analysis managers need are in the format they want.

Export to Excel


Let DataDrill export data into Excel for additional analysis in statistics, mathematical or other third-party tools.

Produce Acrobat/PDFs


Create PDF files from built-in Crystal reports for all areas of your measurement process, including integration and indicator definitions.

Customize with Crystal Reports


Use Crystal Reports Designer (not included) to create new reports, upload them and then let DataDrill make them available to all users.



Summary and Roll-up


Quickly summarize data from multiple projects using Summary Units, which provide aggregated status indicators as well as interpolated data. Start at the high level and drill into sub-projects in seconds.

Organizational Performance


Measure your organizations performance in key areas such as quality, productivity, schedule accuracy, to characterize, baseline or identify improvements. 

Organizational Trends


Track performance across multiple parts of the organization with built-in regression to see the change in organizational performance over time. Make sure your organizational improvement efforts actually provide benefits.



Intelligent Integration


DataDrill reduces the burden of IT by generating the integration required for an array of data sources, based on the information you identified in the Library.

Desktop Files


Built-in collection interfaces for desktop file formats such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Comma-, Tab- and Semi-Colon Separated, and XML files.

Database Integration


Collect from SQL databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Server or any database with an ODBC driver.

Commercial Applications


Pre-built interfaces to popular commercial tools such as Microsoft Project Office, Project Server, IBM Rational DOORS, IBM Rational ClearQuest, IBM Rational Change and others.

Collect on a Schedule


As your measurement process grows, let DataDrill keep track of collection schedules. Simply run the Collector each night to keep your measurement process up-to-date.





Easily exchange indicator definitions, attributes, schedules, and other data from one DataDrill site to another.

Open Data Mart


DataDrill creates a SQL-standard database containing project and organizational history, allowing other groups to create value from the central repository.

Web Service API


Create administration and maintenance utilities using a SOAP-compliant web service application programming interface.

Command Line Utility


Automate repetitive setup, reporting and maintenance tasks using a schedulable command line and XML-based command files.