When performance is off, you need up to date, accurate details in order to take immediate action. EXPRESS’ drillable information paths quickly guide decision-makers from summary status indicators through dynamic analysis metrics to root cause details so they can act decisively in time to have a real impact on results.

No matter what your size, DataDrill EXPRESS smoothly scales to fit, and effortlessly grows and evolves as you do. By instantly reporting the latest information updates, DataDrill EXPRESS keeps everyone in the loop. DataDrill EXPRESS’ ease of use encourages rapid user adoption with minimal user training and support.

DataDrill EXPRESS alerts you at the first sign of a potential problem or opportunity and, in just a glance, tells you if anything is on fire.  By raising flags, DataDrill helps you save the day by addressing issues before they get out of control, and without spending time where attention is not needed.

While predicting the future is a notoriously difficult undertaking, the right metrics can provide advance warnings about what lies ahead. Instead of someone giving a knee-jerk, hair-on-fire reaction to a problem, they can turn to DataDrill EXPRESS to see whether what they think is actually true — and validate their conclusion before taking action.