Distributive DataDrill

DataDrill software, deployed with or without a traditional portfolio management system, delivers quantitative information for controlling and managing software-intensive products. Software managers focus on achieving results while DataDrill handles collection, analysis, and reporting with an extensive set of graphs, metrics, indicators and dashboards.

By reaching into key business processes – like scheduling, requirements and quality – DataDrill breaks down information stovepipes, giving project, program and executive managers quantitative progress and status, and letting them identify and explore trouble areas quickly. DataDrill is a magnifying glass that drills into every project so that managers can make informed decisions to optimize resources and the IT portfolio.

With DataDrill, managing software and IT projects stops being a spectator sport.

Distributive DataDrill Overview

DataDrill allows your organization to quickly deploy a project measurement and management system that delivers critical information to managers when they need it. For systems, software and IT managers, DataDrill delivers best practices out of the box as well as configurability to support your own unique business needs.

Distributive DataDrill, used by low and high maturity Fortune 1000 companies world-wide, increases visibility and control of business critical IT, software development and systems engineering projects by providing an integrated picture of progress, status and compliance to all levels of management.

DataDrill provides an integrated platform for managing at the project level, enabling managers to establish targets and plan, and then measure progress against them during the project lifecycle. By centralizing data from previously disparate and stove-piped sources, DataDrill puts managers in control, enabling them to take action during the fact — to control staff, requirements, defects and quality, risks, costs and other key project factors. DataDrill delivers the information that managers need to guide projects to success.

Experience and Credentials

We know what we're talking about! At Distributive Management, we believe in having complete knowledge and strong experience in our area of expertise. That foundation is continually expanded and supported by our active participation in the measurement, management and process improvement communities, and our involvement in the organizations that are at the forefront of measurement strategies, techniques and technology.

  • We are members of PSM, ISO, INCOSE and SEI
  • Our employees are frequent contributors to performance measurement guidance through articles, webinars, newsletters and speaking engagements
  • We are certified PSM Transition Organization
  • We regularly present, as performance management and process improvement experts, at partner and industry events
  • Organizations utilize our experience as they implement effective measurement programs using our technology
  • The white papers and other resources available on our website are popular educational assets access globally by management and measurement professionals
  • We participated in the development of ISO 15939
  • We deliver tutorials, through INCOSE, on Measurement within the CMMI