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The Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) is a powerful framework for process improvement. At the core of the CMMI is measurement, requiring that all processes be planned and all processes be monitored. The CMMI Measurement & Analysis (M&A) process area promotes decision-making through data analysis based on objective measurement.


While the CMMI is simple to understand, it is not easy to implement. DataDrill is specifically designed to speed deployment of a measurement process which satisfies the CMMI. Unique automation in DataDrill supports every activity and task within the M&A process area. The DataDrill solution helps your organization to:
  • Spend less time defining, implementing and institutionalizing a measurement and analysis process
  • Focus on the results of the measurement process and not on building scripts, tools and other glue to implement it
  • Accommodate management and measurement process changes before and after the assessment
  • Deploy a platform that supports “defined” and “organizational” measurement (at levels 2 and 3), as well as statistical process control, advanced analysis and process optimization (at levels 4 and 5)
  • Integrate measurement into management and oversight functions – your organization delivers provides mangers with the data they need to manage according to your policies and standards

Measurement for Maturity and Process Improvement Using DataDrill EXPRESS

DataDrill has been used in hundreds of high maturity (level 3 and higher) processes for IT, software engineering and systems engineering. Our solutions address the key functions required to successfully satisfy the CMMI, allowing you to:

  • Use a library of existing information needs to control and manage technical processes, or tailor them to meet customer, process or organizational needs
  • Capture plan and actual data, analysis, justifications and graphical data in a central, secure repository – available for advanced reporting and analysis using third-party tools
  • Navigate or search your measurement repository to manage-by-exception or to determine readiness for assessment
  • Speed the specification of plans and targets for your indicators using established industry models (such as for defects, requirements and size), data import and capturing/re-using historical data
  • Generate process documents describing current collection, analysis and reporting procedures

Using DataDrill EXPRESS to Support CMMI Level Three