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Deploying Measurement Quickly: DataDrill 5.0

Posted on: August 11th, 2016 by pbaxter_dm No Comments

2016 – Distributive Management announces roadmap for DataDrill 5.0, a revolutionary release of the DataDrill suite of tools. The next release of DataDrill synthesizes the industry-leading capabilities of the Integrated and Express product lines into a single, quick to deploy product offering state-of-the-art analysis and business intelligence.

According to Product Manager Peter Baxter, “I am excited to announce a solution that provides the ease of use  I envisioned when I first started with MetricCenter and now DataDrill Express. DataDrill 5.0 is a small footprint platform created with modern technology that implements our substantial management experience over the last two decades. ”

Implementing a performance measurement (or “metrics”) solution has traditionally created friction between process improvement and measurement because measurement could not easily accommodate the rate of change needed to support business process improvement — DataDrill 5.0 removes this friction by automating the initial data capture and transformation activities, and then integrating dashboards and publishing for data-hungry managers and stakeholders. This next DataDrill offering uses Microsoft Windows desktop technology to automate administrative and configuration tasks, while using the web for publishing and reporting. It provides built-in analysis agents for popular management needs such as cost, schedule, requirements, and others.

DataDrill 5.0 release details will be announced when available. Licensing  and pricing will be announced at the same time. Current DataDrill Integrated and Express customers will receive DataDrill 5.0 as part of their on-going maintenance.